Collaboration is Key for GRC Success

An interesting study on the current state of Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (“GRC”) programs has just been released and the results are quite revealing. Entitled “The Role of Governance, Risk Management & Compliance in Organizations”, the study was conducted independently by the Ponemon Institute for EMC.  The study covered four primary domains – IT GRC, Operations GRC, Finance GRC and Legal GRC – and surveyed 190 GRC practitioners across the United States.

One of the primary findings was the fact that organizations are still limited by their ability to collaborate and communicate risk information across the enterprise. Part of the problem lies in the lack of a comprehensive strategy to improve collaboration. Beyond the lack of a strategy, organizations are also limited by their technological support of GRC programs. Here’s what the Ponemon Institute surmised.

We believe this study reveals the importance of an enterprise-wide strategy and increased collaboration among domains to meeting eGRC objectives. Currently, only 20 percent have an enterprise-wide strategy and collaboration among GRC areas is far from perfect. Only 28 percent of respondents say their organizations enjoy frequent collaboration or cooperation among GRC areas. However, the good news is that only 12 percent say GRC areas operate in silos in their organizations.

In order to address the barriers related to collaboration, it has been recommended that organizations make it a priority to encourage people from the various lines of business to talk together and establish “risk ambassadors”. The need to gain visibility and control through effective cross-enterprise eGRC collaboration is important to reducing gaps in how risk is assessed and managed.

Finally, according to respondents, managing risk is and will continue to be the biggest eGRC focus for their organizations. This is understandable because organizations are finding that the cost of complying with the plethora of regulations can be daunting. Taking a risk-based approach toward compliance requirements enables them to focus their resources on the most at-risk areas of their business and achieve real value from their eGRC activities.

Building the right processes, involving the right people and utilizing the right technology are all key to achieving the sort of value that GRC programs should provide. Wheelhouse Advisors is uniquely qualified to bring these key elements together for your organization. Email us at to learn more.


Wheelhouse Announces New Strategic Alliance

Wheelhouse Advisors and Xactium are pleased to announce their new strategic alliance for the implementation of Xactium’s Governance, Risk and Compliance applications.

Wheelhouse, a professional services firm specializing in Enterprise Risk Management & Control will be Xactium’s first US-based partner, operating in Atlanta, Georgia.

John A Wheeler, founder and Managing Principal of Wheelhouse Advisors brings over twenty years of strategic, operations and risk management professional to the firm. Prior to founding his company, John served as a Senior Vice President within the Corporate Risk Management division at a major U.S financial services company.

Dr. Andy Evans, Managing Director of Xactium, said: “This is a great opportunity for collaboration and signals the widening interest in our GRC Suite. Working with Wheelhouse will enable us to extend our reach to American markets and reinforce our position as a leading cloud risk solution provider. ”

John added: “We recognise the power of Xactium’s cloud-based solutions to provide clients with a complete, robust solution in a time frame they want. We look forward to extending our level of customer support with our new implementation services.”

The partnership follows a period of growth from Xactium, whose customer numbers have more than doubled in the last year. The potential for a future Xactium North America division will also be considered.

About Xactium: Xactium is a leading cloud-computing software company specialising in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions. Xactium helps customers efficiently and effectively access and manage risk and compliance activities without the need for complex, expensive risk software. Recent significant business wins include insurance brokers Jardine Lloyd Thompson; insurance and reinsurance group, RiverStone Europe; and Scottish water retailer, Business Stream.

About Wheelhouse Advisors: Founded in 2007, Wheelhouse Advisors serves corporate clients across the United States with the implementation and continuous improvement of their Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) programs. Their service offerings include: Bespoke Enterprise Risk Assessment, Independent Risk & Control Program Analysis, Financial Process Compliance; and Governance, Risk & Compliance Automation.