Fair Warning to Improve Risk Management

This week, a report was published by the Senior Supervisors Group (“SSG”) regarding risk management lessons learned from the 2008 financial crisis.  For those who do not know, the SSG is a group of central regulatory agencies from seven nations including the United States.  The report highlights the following deficiencies in risk management practices at major corporations across the globe.

Some of the highlighted areas of greatest need, such as board and management oversight, articulation of risk appetite, and compensation practices, are potentially a result of the aforementioned imbalance between the stature and resources allocated to firms’ revenue-generating businesses and those afforded to the reporting and control functions. Other areas, such as risk aggregation and concentration identification, stress testing, and credit and counterparty risk management, can also be attributed to the weak condition of many firms’ IT infrastructure. While considered central to sound firm governance and risk management, the areas of continued improvement addressed here are not exhaustive.

In highlighting the areas where firms must make further progress, we seek to raise awareness of the continuing weaknesses in risk management practice across the industry and to evaluate critically firms’ efforts to address these weaknesses. Moreover, the observations in this report support the ongoing efforts of supervisory agencies to define policies that enhance financial institution resilience and promote global financial stability.

This report serves as fair warning for financial institutions to proactively strengthen their own risk management practices before the regulatory authorities are compelled to force necessary changes.  If your company is looking for cost-effective solutions, Wheelhouse Advisors can help.  Visit www.WheelhouseAdvisors.com to learn more.

fair warning

About Wheelhouse Advisors
Wheelhouse Advisors LLC is the publisher of The ERM Current™, an online publication and blog dedicated to providing the latest updates on current trends in Enterprise Risk Management & Control. Wheelhouse Advisors provides cost-effective Enterprise Risk Management & Control solutions to both large and mid-size corporations. To learn more about Wheelhouse Advisors, please visit our web site at www.WheelhouseAdvisors.com.

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